These Bakbel products were used:

Fruit Filling Classic and Deluxe


• Rich in selected fruit
• Whole pieces of fruit
• Ready-to-use, can be used cold or baked
• Naturally shiny
• Natural flavour
• Natural colour
• Easy to mix with cream, mousses...
• Freeze/Thaw stable
• Bake Stable



• No preservatives
• Rich in selected fruits
• Adapted packaging (1.1kg)

Stabilized Fruit Puree


• Pasteurized
• No need to be stored in the refrigerator
• Optimal mouth feel and taste



1. Joconde Sponge

200g  Egg
300g  Tpt almond
  30g  Sugar
  40g  Flour
  30g  Clarified butter
130g  Egg white


1. Beat egg, Tpt almond and fl our for about 10min, then add slowly clarifi ed butter.
2. Make a French meringue with egg white and sugar, and mix with (1).
3. Bake at 220°c for about 5 min.

2. Raspberry Jelly

500g  Bakbel Stabilized Fruit Puree Raspberry
  90g  Water
  30g  Sugar
   7g   Gelatine


1. Mix all ingredients with a hand mixer. Add gelatine at about 30°C.
2. Pour it into each glass at same quantity. keep them in the fridge.

3. Cream white chocolate with olive oil

 75g  White chocolate
 35g  Fresh cream
 10g  Bakbel compound Vanilla
 50g  Olive oil
220g  Whipped fresh cream


1. Boil the fresh cream with BAKBEL COMPOUND VANILLA and pour it onto white chocolate drops to make a ganache.
2. Add the olive oil into (1) and properly with a hand mixer.
3. Mix the whipped fresh cream together with the ganache delicately.

4. Strawberry

200g  Bakbel Fruit Filling Deluxe Strawbery
   3g  Lemon juice
2 pcs Mint leaf


1. Cut the strawberry in cubes (same size as brunoise cut).
2. Chop the mint leaf and mix carefully into (1) with the lemon juice.