These Bakbel products were used:

Cremfilling Deluxe
Mocha (New)


• Bake Stable
• Freeze/thaw stable
• Can be injected before or after baking
• Paste texture, easy to spread, easy to write with
• Ready-to-use
• Smooth and creamy texture (fat presence)
• Shelf stable
• Eggless and non-dairy
• Lower dry matter, better to keep the freshness


Concentrate Glaze Deluxe


Concentrate Glaze Deluxe :

• High water absorption: 50% up to 80%, a very economical product
• Freeze/thaw stable
• Excellent shine
• Good transparency
• Good stability on glazed surfaces
• Good time setting to allow perfect covering
• Deluxe Apricot and Strawberry contains 10% fruit
• Natural colour
• Can be reheated
• Easy to use

Concentrate Glaze Classic :

• Lower price 
• Excellent shine
• Same quality and advantages as above
• Water absorption : 40% up to 60%




Orange Pie


1. Composition

- Almond Sugar Dough
- Orange Cake
- Cremfilling Deluxe Orange
- Slices of Candied Orange

2. Almond Sugar Dough

500g  Flour
125g  Icing Sugar
 60g  Almond Powder
   5g  Salt
300g  Butter
100g  Eggs


Mix all the ingredients except eggs, and add them in the last time to obtain homogeny dough. Let cooling down in the fridge and roll the dough to fill the ring metallic form. Bake at 170°C until the dough start to coming blond.

3. Orange Cake

375g  Eggs
300g  Sugar
330g  Flour
  12g  Baking Powder
1pce  Orange zests
  30g  Orange Flower Water
270g  Butter


Mix slowly with whisk to melt the sugar in eggs. Add flour, baking, orange zests, and orange flower water, and continue to mix slowly. Pour at the end the hot liquid butter, pipe thin layer in the baked pie, and bake again at 190°C.

4. Lemon Cream

CremFilling Deluxe Orange   SQ

5. Slices of Candied Orange

SQ     Slices of Candied Orange
200g  Concentrate Glaze Deluxe Neutral
150g  Water


Boil the Concentrate Glaze Deluxe Neutral with water and use at around 70°C.

6. Montage

Fill with Cremfilling Deluxe Orange, the baked pie with orange cake, and make flat with spatula. Place a slice of candied orange and cover with thin layer of Concentrate Glaze Deluxe Neutral.