These Bakbel products were used:

Cremfilling Deluxe
Mocha (New)


• Bake Stable
• Freeze/thaw stable
• Can be injected before or after baking
• Paste texture, easy to spread, easy to write with
• Ready-to-use
• Smooth and creamy texture (fat presence)
• Shelf stable
• Eggless and non-dairy
• Lower dry matter, better to keep the freshness


Opera Mocha Cremfilling


1. Joconde Sponge

386g    Icing sugar
386g    Almond powder
594g    Eggs
386g    Egg white
  96g    Flour
  83g    Butter


Beat the egg whites to soft peak.
Mix together the Icing sugar and almond powder. Mix the Eggs step by step into the mixture. Add in the melted cold butter. Gently fold in the whipped egg whites, and then the flour. Use 625g of the mixture for a 60 x 40 cm frame, lined with silicon paper.  Bake on 220 C for approximately 8 minutes.

2. Mocha butter cream

428g    Cremfilling Mocha
463g    Butter room temperature
139g    Italian meringue


Cream the butter and Cremfilling Mocha. Fold in the meringue by using a spatula.

3. Ganache

192g    Milk
  47g    Cream 35%
289g    Dark couverture 66%
  90g    Butter

Instructions :

Boil the milk and cream, pour onto the couverture, mix and add butter at the end. Store overnight in the refrigerator.

4. Coffee syrup

739g    Sugar syrup 1:1
  15g    Instant coffee
739g    Filter coffee

Instructions :

Filter coffee (1.622g water + 477g coffee powder). Boil together, cool down and filter.

5. Montage

Coat a layer of jaconde with couverture.
Turn around and soak with coffee syrup using a brush.  
Spread a layer of butter cream onto the sponge. Top with a layer of soaked jaconde.  
Spread on a layer of ganache and cover with a layer of soaked jaconde sponge.
Spread on a layer of butter cream and finish with thin layer of dark couverture.