These Bakbel products were used:

Fruit Filling Classic and Deluxe
Red cherry


• Rich in selected fruit
• Whole pieces of fruit
• Ready-to-use, can be used cold or baked
• Naturally shiny
• Natural flavour
• Natural colour
• Easy to mix with cream, mousses...
• Freeze/Thaw stable
• Bake Stable


Ingredients (for 5 cakes of Ø 15 cm each)

1. Genoise sponge

400 g egg
  80 g egg yolk
300 g sugar
  40 g glucose
260 g flour
  90 g milk
  60 g clarified butter


1. Whip egg, egg yolk, sugar and glucose together for about 15 min.
2. Slowly add milk, butter at about 40°C, then sift fl our and mix gently.
3. Bake at 170°C for about 25 min.



 2. Mousse white cheese

  85 g egg yolk
130 g sugar
  45 g water
400 g white creamy cheese
  12 g gelatin
400 g whipped fresh cream


1. Make a pate a bombe with egg yolk, sugar and water.
2. Add soaked gelatine and cream cheese into (1) and mix well.
3. Mix carefully (1) with whipped fresh cream

3. Italian meringue

400 g egg white
600 g sugar
200 g water


1. Cook water and sugar at 121°C.
2. Pour (1) into whipped egg white.
3. Pipe nice tears on top of the cake and burn with blow torch softly.