These Bakbel products were used:

Cremfilling Deluxe
Coconut (New)


• Bake Stable
• Freeze/thaw stable
• Can be injected before or after baking
• Paste texture, easy to spread, easy to write with
• Ready-to-use
• Smooth and creamy texture (fat presence)
• Shelf stable
• Eggless and non-dairy
• Lower dry matter, better to keep the freshness


Coconut Macaron


1. Macaron

217g    Almond Powder
390g    Icing Sugar
173g    Egg White
  44g    Sugar


Whip the egg white and add the sugar slowly to achieve a soft meringue.  Sieve the icing sugar and mix together with the almond powder. Fold the almond sugar mixture into the meringue using a spatula. Pipe on Silicon paper or baking mats. Bake at 100 C, for 3 minutes. Open the door for a few seconds and close the door. Switch off the oven for 5 minutes. Open the door again and bake at 150 C, for 8-10 minutes.


2. Topping

103g    Coconut dessicated

3. Filling

214g    Cremfilling Coconut
232g    Butter
  70g    Italian Meringue
  10g    Compound


Cream the butter. Whip together the Cremfilling Coconut and the butter. Add the meringue with the Compound and mix by using a spatula.

4. Center Filling (option)

206g    Fruit Filling Mango Dices 70%


5. Montage

Pipe the filling on one part of the macaron and add/ push gently the other macaron on top. Option; add the mango dices in the middle.