These Bakbel products were used:

Cremfilling Deluxe
Cocoa (improved version)


• Bake Stable
• Freeze/thaw stable
• Can be injected before or after baking
• Paste texture, easy to spread, easy to write with
• Ready-to-use
• Smooth and creamy texture (fat presence)
• Shelf stable
• Eggless and non-dairy
• Lower dry matter, better to keep the freshness


Chocolate Eclair


1. Composition

- Choux Dough
- Cremfilling Deluxe Cocoa
- Chocolate Fondant
- Chocolate Crispy

2. Choux Dough

250 g Milk
250 g Water
250 g Butter
   5 g Salt
300 g Flour
500 g Eggs


Boil the milk, water, butter, and salt, add the flour out of fire, mix well, and dry a little on fire. Mix this dough with the paddle in the mixer, and add step by step the eggs. Pipe tubes on baking paper and freeze. Cut eclairs 12 cm size and place on greased baking plate. Preheat the ventilate oven at 240°C, put the "choux" inside and switch off . When the "choux" are well developed and a little blond, switch on al 170°C to finish baking and drying. On normal oven, bake 190°C until the beginning.

3. Cremfilling Deluxe Cocoa


Put Cremfilling Deluxe Cocoa in piping bag to fill the éclairs.

4. Chocolate Fondant

400 g Cremfilling Deluxe Cocoa
400 g White Fondant


Warm up together and use at 35°/40°C

5. Chocolate Crispy

120 g Dark Chocolate 60%
  30 g Oil
  30 g Almond Powder
  40 g Puffed Rice
  90 g Feuilletine

Instructions :

Melt the chocolates, oil, and mix delicately with all the pieces and powders. Sprinkle on plate and let crystallize. You can store in hermetic box.


7. Montage

Fill the baked éclair with Cremfilling Deluxe Cocoa, dip the top in  chocolate  fondant  and place some crispy pieces on top.