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Spray Glaze Deluxe

Ready-to-use liquid glazes, which can be used in automatic glazing machines. Using a glaze to cover pastries not only protects them against oxidation, so increasing shelf life, but also gives them an appealing glossy appearance. This ready-to-use product offers extra convenience to the busy pastry chef.

Main Characteristics

• Ready-to-use (No water to be added)
• The bag-in-box packing guarantees a quick and easy connection to all
   standard spraying machines.
• Wide range application temperature: 75-90°C
• Economic product
• Significant time savings during application
• No fruit fibres to avoid clogging the nozzle


How to use

Connect the bag-in-box to the spraying machine, ensuring the right parameters of pressure and temperature (85°C).
Once these have been reached, spray the glaze onto the pastries


All varieties • BIB 15kg