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At Bakbel we are proud to work with all the finest selection of fruit coming from all over the world. Our respect for the origin of our products is ….

Mirror Glaze Deluxe

A high-quality range of cold application glazes. It is designed to be used on pastries, cakes and desserts such as mousses, cheesecakes and bavarois, where a hot glaze cannot be used. The Mirror Glaze Deluxe, which gives a great shine, can be applied with a brush to fresh fruits or spread using a palette knife on cakes.

Main Characteristics

• Ready-to-use
• Excellent shine
• Good transparency
• Freeze/thaw stable
• Easy to spread from pail with a pastry knife
• Smooth texture, without lumps
• Thixotropic texture
• Easy to create marble effect
• Natural colour


How to use

This is a convenient, ready-to-use product. Simply lightly stir the product before using it, either spreading it onto flat surfaces with a palette knife or applying it to fresh fruits with a brush. In this last case we advise a cold dilution with 5-10% water.


All varieties • Pail 5kg