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Mirror Glaze Deluxe Total Covering

This highly innovative neutral glaze is ready-to-use, with no need to heat or add any other ingredients. Designed for maximum convenience, it simply needs to be gently stirred, then poured into place. It will hold on all sides of a cake. This makes it a very flexible product, which can be used to cover cakes of all shapes, including square cakes, round cakes and bombes. 


Main Characteristics

 Neutral :

• Shiny and transparent
• Freeze/thaw stable
• Ready to use (no need to heat)
• Works on all shapes of cakes
• Good hold after application, 2-3 days at refrigerated temperature (3-5°C)
• Thixotropic




Varieties available

How to use

Cold Glazes : Neutral

• Gently mix the product (no whisk to avoid air incorporation)
• The product will become liquid with the correct viscosity to cover the pastry
   with a thin layer of glaze
• Product can be applied directly on pastry (better if coming out of the
• Once the cake is covered, avoid any further manipulation and put it in the
   refrigerator (3-5°C).




Neutral • Pail 5,5kg