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At Bakbel we are proud to work with all the finest selection of fruit coming from all over the world. Our respect for the origin of our products is ….

Fruit Filling Tradition Apple

High-quality pastry filling, made with fresh Jonagold apples. The fruit content is 90%, which ensures a fresh and delicate taste.

Main Characteristics

• High fruit content 90%
• Whole and crunchy pieces of fruit
• Contains tasty apple puree
• Ready-to-use, can be used cold or baked
• Natural flavour
• Natural colour
• Freeze/Thaw stable
• Bake Stable


How to use

Ready-to-use product, direct from the pail.


All varieties

Available in 11kg / 5,5kg / 2,5kg / 2kg / 1kg


NEW - Packaging Fruit fillings in a Piping bag - NEW

(1 kg - 9 piping bags in an outer case)

• Offering both convenience and food safety
• Assorted plastic layers offer a protective barrier, hence reducing the risk of oxidation
• Plastic casing offers good flexibility for easy piping
• Blue colour meets ‘food safety’ requirements and offers protection against a change in colour
• Easy to open (no need for a can opener) and avoids risk of metallic particle presence in product after opening (HACCP)
• Waste volume reduction
• Clips offering easy closing
• Well-designed for practical and handy convenience