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At Bakbel we are proud to work with all the finest selection of fruit coming from all over the world. Our respect for the origin of our products is ….

Doughnut Glaze

Ready to use neutral glaze for doughnuts. Thanks to the perfect viscosity of the product, you can easily create a fine layer, with a perfect shiny result.

Main Characteristics

  • Ready to use (no need to add water)
  • Neutral version, which can be added of colour/flavour
  • Very shiny
  • Protecting the product for drying out
  • Set very quickly, less than 1 minute
  • Not sticky once set, no risk to stick to the packaging or finger print
  • The product is freeze/thaw stable


Varieties available

How to use

  • Ready to use (no need to add water)
  • Heating up till 75°C / 167F, not too high to avoid a risk of burning
  • When necessary, you may add colour and flavour (10% Bakbel Compound). See Picture 2
  • Stir gently with a whisk. See Picture 3
  • Dip you doughnut into the glaze. See Picture 4
  • It's fully set after 1 minute without finger trace.



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All varieties • 5kg Pail