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At Bakbel we are proud to work with all the finest selection of fruit coming from all over the world. Our respect for the origin of our products is ….

Concentrate Glaze Deluxe

A superior range of hot concentrated glazes offering professional pastry chefs a useful product which is of excellent quality.

Main Characteristics

Concentrate Glaze Deluxe :

• High water absorption: 50% up to 80%, a very economical product
• Freeze/thaw stable
• Excellent shine
• Good transparency
• Good stability on glazed surfaces
• Good time setting to allow perfect covering
• Deluxe Apricot and Strawberry contains 10% fruit
• Natural colour
• Can be reheated
• Easy to use

Concentrate Glaze Classic :

• Lower price 
• Excellent shine
• Same quality and advantages as above
• Water absorption : 40% up to 60%





How to use

Heat the Concentrate Glaze with water (50-80%) in a pan to 95°C. Once the glaze has dissolved completely, gently stir the mixture before applying it with a brush.


All varieties • Pail 7kg
• Pail 14kg