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Chocolate Glaze

The Chocolate glaze range needs to be heated and is made with a real chocolate couverture, based on a traditional home-made recipe. Due to the high viscosity of the product, you are now able to create easily a fine layer, with the perfect shiny result!

Main Characteristics

Hot glaze - Dark Chocolate :

• Made with real dark chocolate couverture
• Based on a traditional home-made recipe
• Balanced taste
• Perfect viscosity result, creating a fine layer
• Freeze/thaw stable
• Ready-to-use (heating approx. 40-45°C)
• Good hold after application : 2-3 days at cold temperature (5-8°C)
• No running off! / No air bubbles
• Excellent stability
• Clean cut stability / Save time
• Can be reused / Can be heated in the microwave
• Easy to apply / works on all kind of shapes




Varieties available

How to use

Dark Chocolate Glaze :

• Heating up till approximately 40-45°C
• Stir gently to avoid air bubbles
• Ready-to-use



Chocolate • Pail 5 kg