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At Bakbel we are proud to work with all the finest selection of fruit coming from all over the world. Our respect for the origin of our products is ….

Bakery Jam

Our standard Bakery Jams are high-class, visually appealing and bake-stable products.  They contain 35% fruit (real jam).  They are designed to be versatile ingredients which can be spread, injected or used in other ways in a variety of premium pastry products.  

Our Passata range are smooth Bakery Jams prepared with 10% fruit. They are ready-to-use products, bake-stable and freeze/thaw stable.

Main Characteristics

• Freeze/thaw stable

• Bake stable

• Can be injected before or after cooking

• Long shelf-life for final pastries (brix > 60)

• Paste-like texture, easy to spread





How to use

Ready-to-use product, direct from the pail.

Stir gently with a spatula and apply on the surface.


All varieties • Pail 14kg
• Pail 7kg