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Bakbel Europe s.a.

Zoning Paysager de Tyberchamps, 4
7180 Seneffe - Belgium
T.: +32 64 84 61 10

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Established in 2007 by the Bakels Group "Bakery Ingredients since 1904" (www.bakels.com), Bakbel is the specialist in producing high-quality and innovative ingredients for the pastry and bakery industries. To achieve this, Bakbel has a state of the art facility, with high standards of production and food safety.

In this purpose-built facility, our company produces high quality, fruit-based ingredients, created especially for the premium fine pastry industry and the food services market. We supply customers worldwide.


Bakbel is proud to be an international producer of high-quality, value-added, fruit-based ingredients with a true customer focus.

With a focus on producing and distributing premium products for the fine pastry sector, Bakbel’s location in the center of Europe, in Belgium, is the perfect place to be.

Our Quality department follows the HACCP and BRC guidelines, ensuring the high quality of our products to respected standards.